If all goes well tonight, UConn is about to make basketball history.  Again.  Yep,  they smashed their old record last month to surpass 90 straight wins.   Now they’re up for something way more mind blowing.

WFSB reports that the UConn Women are staring down a historic 100th straight win.  That’s crazy!  Has any basketball team ever achieved that feat?  The answer is, obviously, no. And, of course, UConn would be the first team to get that close to it.

They’re pitted against a pretty tough team tonight, though.  So, cruising to victory won’t be all that easy against South Carolina, which is currently 21-2.  True, UConn is 24-0 – so the odds are looking good.  Real good.  Impossibly good.

Let’s say it all goes well tonight for the Huskies.  They get to that sweet 100, make basketball history, and then have a chance to make it again and again because they have 10 more games in the season.

Yep, if their winners’ mojo keeps flowing, UConn could become the team with the longest winning streak of all time.  Right now that title is held by the North Carolina Tar Heels.  The women’s soccer team enjoyed a sweet 103 game streak until, you guessed it, the Huskies beat them in overtime back in 1990.

Can you imagine a team scoring 110 wins in a row?  Well, if you were unable to envision that before, it could happen right before your very eyes this year.  And, who knows, maybe the Huskies will keep the streak going all throughout next season, too.

So, as you can imagine, both teams have insurmountable pressure on their backs tonight.

If UConn wins, they nab a historic win and they cruise undefeated for the rest of the season.  If South Carolina wins, they’ll become the team that stopped history from happening.  They’ll instantly become the new BAMFs of the NCAA.  They were good enough to stop UConn – and their bus ride home will be INSANE.

Plus, if South Carolina wins, they’ll have helped defend North Carolina’s trophy.

Okay, well, Trinity College actually holds the title for having the largest winning streak in sports history.  But it’s for a sport no one really cares about, Squash.   252 games in a row.  So, that’s pretty cool.  I guess.   Okay, I lied. That’s wicked awesome.

Anyways, you can watch the game on ESPN2 at 9PM.   Go Huskies!


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