Get out.  Seriously- When you complain that the sorority you are pledging is making you “sizzle like bacon” and you’re “humiliated” you need to literally get out.  Pick your shit up off the floor, acknowledge that you no longer will be participating and leave the room… because if I was in that sorority and you were “humiliated” by that- then I wouldn’t want you in my sorority anyway.

UCONN has been having issues lately with their Greek life.  I keep reading stories about sororities being suspended from campus for “hazing” and I’m a bit confused.  This also stems from my own frustrations with my alma-mater Pace University in Pleasantville, NY.  A majority of my pledging was safe.  No one was ever in danger.  Did we do ridiculous things?  Yes, of course.  Did it make us become closer and bond?  Yes, that too.  Were there times where I felt a little embarrassed? Yes, I’ll admit that too… mostly because I have a terrible singing voice and there were times where I felt like I was auditioning for American Idol- but looking back 14 years later, would I change a single thing?  Absolutely not.

A pledge for Kappa Kappa Gamma says that the sorority allegedly made her “sizzle like bacon” and drink in excess.  I don’t agree with the drinking (Actually, we had a strict no drinking while pledging rule at Pace… Hell, we had no choice, we were designated drivers for all the active sisters- and were on call 24 hours a day.  Is that also “humiliating”?) but rolling around on the floor seems relatively harmless.  Here’s the real cool thing about being a part of a sorority or an organization like it, it’s not mandatory.  It doesn’t reflect on your academics AT ALL! So, this may seem silly, but you actually have a (wait for it) CHOICE!  So if you’re not comfortable with what the organization is making you do, it’s probably not a fit anyway.  Take it as a sign that this sorority isn’t for you, pack up… and get out.  I would have more respect for a person if they did that instead of telling local media outlets that they “made you” sizzle like bacon.  (Let’s be honest, the only reason why this is making widespread news in Connecticut right now is because the “sizzle like bacon” quote- Otherwise it’s another boring non-story- but now we can giggle over bacon)

Should there be regulations? Sure. You can’t make undergrads jump off bridges with bricks tied to their boobs- but act like an animal? Sizzle like bacon?  Who cares?  Relax and have some fun- It’s college.  You’ll look back one day and laugh at it all.  But then again, I come from a sorority that had a good sense of a humor, cared about each other, raised a ton of money for charity- and occasionally gave pony rides to the seniors.  Hee-Haw.


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