The NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament is down to four teams. South Carolina, Stanford, Mississippi State, and (of course) UConn.

Why “of course?” Because for the last 10 years, that’s the way it has been.

Much has been made of streaks this year. 90 straight wins, then 91, then 100, and so on. So many years being in the NCAA tournament. So many years as a #1 seed. But this last streak – 10 straight Final Four appearances – might be the most impressive of them all.

For 100 or more straight wins, you can beat up on bad teams. You can play ranked teams once a month or so, get up for those big games, and win against no names in between. But the NCAA tournament is where things get real. It’s where the best of the best bring their A-Game and a single loss will end your season. You can’t have a bad night and survive. It doesn’t happen.

And that means for 10 straight years, UConn hasn’t had a bad night when it mattered most. For 10 straight years, they beat the best teams in the country and earned their place as one of the top four. And sure, not all of those seasons ended in championships. They had bad nights against the best teams. But for 10 years, they put together great wins. And for the last four years, those great wins have come on the biggest stage, resulting in four straight championships.

Now, our 2017 UConn Huskies are two wins away from a 5th straight title. Will they pull it off? That’s a question best answered by history. And if history is any indication, we’ll be having a parade in Hartford in no time.

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