Run for your lives.  Hide your kids.  Hide your wives.  Because there’s a zombie apocalypse coming!  Or so they say.

Anyways, Fox News reports that America gets to witness its very own handy-dandy full solar eclipse next month.  However, it comes at a price.

You know how some people act crazy under the full moon?  Apparently, a total solar eclipse is worse.

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Thank you, Ace.

While some people will spend the solar eclipse gazing up at the sky, others might go bonkers.  Yeah, totally nuts.

Angela Speck, a researcher at the University of Maryland, told Fox that people from all over the country might go overboard to make sure they don’t miss the eclipse.  That means, more people traveling and barreling through streets or train stations to make sure they don’t miss history.

So, with more people packed like sardines on trains, planes, and Ubers… stress will be at an all time high.  Not to mention millions of people losing out on precious sleep…

On top of that, for those who live on the eclipse’s direct path get to deal with Woodstock-like crowding conditions.  They’ll see more people shambling around their streets trying to find the best view.

Which also means more waste, long toilet lines, and crazed restaurant employees to serve hungry spectators who might not tip 18 percent.

Considering this is the first total solar eclipse on American soil since 1979… you can only imagine how space geeks prepare for something like this.

They already booked their tickets, packed their bags, and turned their excitement all the way up to “yowza.”

Not only that, this eclipse is also a fabled “ring of fire” due to the moon being farther away from the earth around this time.

Which means, August’s eclipse is total eye candy.

So, for those 14 state and 5 state capitals offering a front row seat to celestial wonder… I hope residents not wanting to deal with the super crowded conditions will travel out of state that weekend.  Because about 200 million people live within an hour’s driving-distance from the eclipse’s trajectory.

On top of that, some predict that up to 7.4 million people will make the pilgrimage to see the eclipse.   Already, hotel rooms across its direct path are completely booked.

Not only that, cities might not be able to accommodate the sheer amount of people expected to flock to their area on August 21st.  Some experts say there might not even be enough bathrooms.

Double yikes.

So, let me get this straight.  Millions of excited yet sleep-deprived people converging into condensed cities… add stressed restaurants and lack of bathrooms…

Yeah, we’re looking at a Molotov cocktail of bad.   Zombie apocalypse bad.

Already, local officials who live on the eclipse’s direct path issued warnings to residents to stock up as they would for a major storm.  Extra food, gas, water… you name it.  Have it on hand.

Because they might not be able to leave their house for awhile.

So, there you have it.  Although Connecticut will not see the complete eclipse, we will be able to see a partial one.  Without the madness and zombie apocalypse like conditions.


So, will you be among the millions converging to an eclipse hot-spot or will you be one of the smart ones and stay home.  Where it’s safe.

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