UPDATE: Today was a glorious morning – as I was driving into Hartford, I noticed the above brand new billboard – and a big kudos to Angelico’s Lake House for having a great sense of humor.

We now return to your original scheduled article from June 9.

The other day, I noticed that a whole bunch of new billboards went up along 91 through Hartford. It’s June, it’s a new month, so we get new advertisements.

One, in particular, really caught my eye.

The billboard is for Angelico’s Lake House Restaurant in East Hampton. Great place, awesome food and views…and, apparently, fine outside dinning…?

angelicos lake house billboard closeup

Yep – apparently if you want to make a din outside, per Merriam-Webster, Angelico’s Lake House is where you want to be.

They do have a tiki bar and live music though.

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