By Darlene Villanova

Men, perhaps you are not hip to this yet, so I will share. Valentine’s Day gift giving is a test. You will undergo many tests unknowingly given by your lady, but few are of the Valentine’s Day gift level.

What to buy and what not to buy her for Valentine’s Day vary depending on who is giving the advice; your lady will not offer you any tips; it’s a test!

A quick look online will land you conflicting information as some boast tennis bracelets, and birthstone pendent necklaces, while others suggest a paint and wine night, wedding cake replica pillow, a dozen roses or chocolate rose bouquet. Don’t fall for this! They are so impersonal.

Did you notice that jewelers added another diamond to their “custom”Valentine’s Day necklaces last year to symbolize the love you two share? This year they have no doubt added more to represent the kids and the dog to drive up the price? Personal yes, wanted; no.

Sexy nightie? No!  She buys that for you; you don’t buy that for her. This gift may turn on you if it doesn’t fit. Fail!

What do woman want… seriously most woman (not all) want something flashy so they can show it off to their friends, there are others who are happy with traditional flowers and TINY candy (not that huge block shaped Mick Jagger’s lips). In truth most women want to be remembered on this silly day- yes. I suggest some tiny chocolates, a card with a true sentiment and a special song chosen to dance her across the kitchen floor to. Oh, and that you wipe down the kitchen counter after loading the dishwasher. Score A+! (P.S: remember to sign the card)

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