Vicki Barbolak is on a wild ride. After performing on America’s Got Talent, Season 13, the “Trailer Nasty” comedienne has been on fire. She was back on the “Champions” show, performing to sold out audiences on her tour, and even has a potential show in the works!

When asked if the adrenaline high from the show and the tour has set in yet, Vicki responded by saying:

“The wave, if anything, has only gotten bigger for me. I used to park 2 miles away from Hollywood and walk because it was too expensive to park there, and now my name is featured on The Comedy Store! Everytime I drive down Sunset Boulevard, I just can’t believe where my life has taken me.”

She started out as a carpet saleswoman in her parents shop, and at age 38, took a flyer on an open mic night. Vicki made her way to the legendary Comedy Store, under Mitzi Shore and started to flourish.

“Mizti has this way of coaching and prepping you. She’ll make you cold open the crowd, every Saturday night for two months, and then put you in the headlining spot if she thinks you’re ready. After that, she’ll put you back on to start out the show. Mitzi just had this way of keeping you on your toes and sharp at all times.”

Vicki is incredibly excited to perform in Connecticut for the first time, saying that she’s “heard all about Connecticut and the farms and the people. For the West Coast folks, Connecticut is like a place we only talk about with no real way of knowing what it’s really like. I’m so excited to come to Bridgeport!”

You can see the hilarious Vicki Barbolak at Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory this Sunday, at 7:30pm. Tickets are still available here.

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