First, a warning. The video below features the unfortunate reality that, in nature, animals eat each other to survive. If you click play, you will see a shark chowing down on a deceased whale. It isn’t the most fun thing to watch, but it’s part of what makes the world go ’round.

So, if you have the stomach for it, go ahead and take a look. This is what happens when a Great White Shark gets hungry and happens to stumble upon an already dead whale just floating there. This is what dinner time on the ocean looks like.

Here at CT Boom, we feel we’ve done a good job explaining just how terrifying the ocean is. And while this video of a shark ruthlessly tearing into the side of a whale carcass is yet another demonstration of that fact, we actually want to talk about a different part of the video.

And that’s all thanks to the video’s description, which reads: “Big female white shark tearing chunks off Scarlett the Whale over 18 hours. She ate so much she was swimming around upside-down aimlessly like she was intoxicated.”

Like she was intoxicated? Now THAT is something we can relate to. For years, I’ve believed that the ocean is fun but terrifying. The beach is great, SCUBA diving is breathtaking, surfing is exciting, but it all comes with the caveat that you never know what’s lurking below you or in the blue distance. Now, in 2017, it turns out we might have more in common with the ocean’s best predator than I could ever have imagined.

After all, who among hasn’t been at that point, halfway through their third helping at Thanksgiving, when the sides of your vision start to get a little blurry? Who hasn’t polished off that 5th slice of pizza and felt the sudden urge to take a nap? Who among us would claim they haven’t felt their breathing slow down just a bit after that last nacho chip that was heavy with extra cheese?

We’ve all been food drunk. And honestly, despite the pain in our stomachs, we’ve all loved it. And that’s all this shark is doing. Its eyes were far larger than its stomach, it bit off more than it could chew, but it forced it all down and, as its eyes rolled back in exhausted euphoria, it lazily swam along feeling more full than it probably ever had before.

If that isn’t common ground for mankind and shark-kind, I don’t know what is. Good on you, shark. Keep eating yourself into a stupor and always remember these words to live by, from human comedian Louis CK: “The meal isn’t over when I’m full. The meal is over when I hate myself.”

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