There are a million ways to waste time on the internet. Cat videos. Funny videos. Bad memes. Good memes. News or whatever. There’s lots of stuff.

But there is one internet time waster that rules supreme over all the other nonsense. That time waster is food videos.

Like many of the living people on Earth, I eat food. And I don’t know if you’ve heard, but often times food is DELICIOUS. It is the kind of thing that can make your day. It can change the way you feel about the people around you and the world you’re living in. It can make your mouth water and your mind race and your lips smile and lots of other good things.

So naturally, the internet has decided to inundate all of us with pictures and videos of delicious food that will cause many of the same reactions. Welcome to Food YouTube.

On Food YouTube, you can find everything from basic cooking instructional videos from at-home chefs to even tastier lessons from Michelin-starred TV chefs. You can learn how to make the most basic bread from scratch, or you can watch a team of people put together a nauseating but delicious looking amalgam of bacon, beef, cheese, and several items of the nearest fast food restaurant’s dollar menu. The world of Food YouTube is simultaneously delicious and disgusting. Just look at this giant breakfast sandwich and tell me you don’t feel nauseous but also hungry to eat at least half of it:

That, my friends, is the essence of Food YouTube. And, in my opinion, there is no finer way to spend time on the internet. You can learn a new skill (cooking), you can decide what you want for lunch (a giant breakfast sandwich), you can entertain yourself, and you can pretend you get to eat all the delicious things without¬†actually eating the delicious things, thus saving yourself calories and that special self-loathing that can only come when you’ve consumed a pound of bacon and two large orders of fries in sandwich form.

So go on, internet time wasters. Head on over to Food YouTube and start your own wonderful food video adventure. There’s no better way to satisfy your hungry by seeing something that will make you never want to eat again.

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