Are Video Games Actually Making You Smarter? Let’s Hope So

Are Video Games Actually Making You Smarter? Let’s Hope So
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Years and years of society looking down on video games. Whether it’s as a dumb time waster that makes you dumber or as a violent dangerous medium that influences the violent youth of America.

Well come to find out, society might have been wrong about both of these things all along. Turns out, playing video games could actually make you smarter.

I guarantee that even if you are an avid non-gamer, after watching this video you will want to go out and buy an XBOX One or Playstation 4 immediately.


[youtube_sc url="OOsqkQytHOs"]


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  1. blueambitious
    February 1st, 2014 21:37

    I have always suspected video games could help make anyone smarter. The benefits could be increased; problem solving, critical thinking, hand eye coordination and general increase of blood flow and circulation throughout the brain due to the constant stimulation while playing video games. I know I’ve gotten smarter over the years playing games. The smartest thing is I don’t buy games anymore, rent them instead. This is smart because I have saved hundred of dollars renting as opposed to buying games. I’m smart now I just wish I was smarter years ago… If your interested this is where I get my games


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