We’ve all heard a balloon pop. It’s loud. It’s startling. If you’re not expecting it, it’s actually kind of upsetting. It’s like bubble wrap on steroids with none of the satisfaction.

But out there in the world, there are some people who can do amazing things with sound. They can create familiar sounds using very unfamiliar objects. They can create new sounds we’ve never heard before. They can amplify quiet noises for all of us to hear. And, yes, they can take loud noises and bring them down to intensely low levels.

That last one is what got me today. Apparently, those crazy sound engineers out there can create rooms so well-designed for absorbing sound, that a balloon popping isn’t startling at all. No, it’s not even loud. It’s actually kind of adorable. The kind of sound that could make you giggle uncontrollably for a few minutes. Just look at this:

I watched this and literally didn’t know how to react. I guess that’s what happens when you see a familiar event lead to an entirely unexpected result. It was funny, but also a little jarring. I saw the balloon pop, but I definitely didn’t hear a balloon pop.

But I suppose that’s the magic of sound-proofing. That room is so well designed that something as loud and startling as a balloon popping was reduced to the sound of a foot stepping firmly into a shallow puddle. It’s really amazing.

You know what else would be amazing? Having a room like that in your house that is specifically for napping. Just think about it. No noise, lots of soft surfaces, and you, taking a nap at two in the afternoon after a lunch that left you feeling just full enough.

I think that might be what heaven is.

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