I used to skateboard. Of course, calling it “skateboarding” might be a little generous. More accurately, I tried to skateboard. But I did enough to understand the elation that comes with finally landing a trick after trying and failing dozens of times.

When that moment comes, you’re bruised, you’re scraped, you’re questioning why skateboards were even ever invented, but you’re still victorious.

However, even with a deep familiarity of that moment and the pain the comes before it, I cannot understand the thinking that drove a group of guys and their skateboards to the hills of San Francisco with the bright idea that they would ride down them at full speed.

Honestly, just take a look at what happened and tell me what sane person would try this:

Even the elation they probably felt when they occasionally reached the bottom safely could not have been worth the agony of all the road rash they got when they didn’t.

All that being said, the video is pretty cool, so it’s not like it was for nothing. All this thing is missing is a speedometer in the lower right hand corner clocking how fast these guys actually went. I doubt it was higher than 50 or 60 miles per hour, but when there’s nothing but a thin piece of wood and four small wheels between you and the pavement, that’s way more speed than I’d be willing to tolerate.

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