We all know that crime doesn’t pay. But can crime get you fit?

At least one criminal in Philadelphia seems to think so, as he has clearly incorporated a health-conscious routine to his illicit activities.

Before holding up a Dunkin’ Donuts in Philadelphia, surveillance cameras caught this thief taking a moment to stretch things out and loosen up in the parking lot.

He bends at the waist for a solid hamstring stretch. He steps out to each side, loosing up the inner leg and groin. He clearly wants to be ready for anything.

And ready he was! As the surveillance video takes us inside, the robber puts on some athletic moves as he hops over the counter, then takes off at a jog once he’s got the money in the bag.

Honestly, stretching makes sense here. The thief probably knew there’d be some jumping involved. And, of course, there’s always the risk of having to run from the police. In both cases, a pulled muscle would serious hurt his chances of getting away.

So for anyone who says that crime is the easy way out, this might just prove that maybe it’s not! If you tweak a hammy at your desk job, it’s probably not going to affect your work too much. But if this guy isn’t limber and loose, it could cost him his freedom

And while I would never condone the armed robbery part (of course no one should ever do that), I am impressed that this criminal is exercising some sound judgement about his physical health.

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