As the weather slowly transitions from winter to spring, we’ve been warning you. The animals are entering full on spring mode. They’re finding their way out of the woods. They’re wandering into human territory. It’s a full on co-mingling.

Now, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Most of the time, these animals mean us no harm. They’re just hungry after taking months-long naps and they know there’s no better post-nap snack than a slice of New Haven pizza. All we have to do on our end is be vigilant. Keep your head up, be aware of your surroundings, avoid contacting the animals, and report your sightings.

Basically, do not do what this guy did:

This video is part two in a short series we’re now running. It’s basically just videos that should remind you to pay attention and keep your eyes peeled. Part 1? This big cat having a deer-picnic on somebody’s front porch. Part 2? A guy almost becoming a human-picnic for a bear in someone’s back yard.

And sure, this video is technically from 2012, but the lessons are still very relevant today.

They always tell us not to text and drive, but here’s the real pro-tip: Don’t text and walk either. In this example, you look up after sending “lol” to see a 700-pound apex predator walking toward you. Other times, you’re the jerk zig-zagging down the sidewalk bumping into innocent people and ruining days left and right. Honestly, we’re not sure which is worse for the world.

So take a lesson from our almost-lunch friend in the video and put the phone away. Look up when you’re walking. And if you must send a string of emojis to that group text, stop moving and step out of the way before doing so. Who knows? It might just keep you from becoming a bear’s post-hibernation snack.

(via Reddit)

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