You might recall that we recent told you the animals were entering spring mode a little early in 2017. And snow-mageddon level nor’easters aside, that has largely been true. Unseasonably warm temperatures have woken hibernating bears and driven mate-hungry bobcats from the woods.

For the most part, thankfully, the increased animal activity has been inconsequential. Despite a double-school-lockdown and an incident where a rabid bobcat attacked three women, most animal-related incidents have resulted in nothing more than a cool photo opportunity.

But just because things have been timid and because 99% of the time these animals mean you no harm does not mean you should get complacent. When it comes to animal activity in Connecticut, vigilance is key. Be aware of your surroundings. Report sightings to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Know how to handle an encounter with a bear or bobcat.

Of course, if our warnings aren’t enough to drive the point home, this video should send the message. Nest, a home security camera maker, has created a fun award called the Nesties. It gives awards for the best security camera footage captures by its users, and wouldn’t you know it, a wild animal getting a little too close for comfort took home the Nestie for Best Supporting Deer in 2017. How? By doing this:

Now, to be clear, this probably wasn’t in Connecticut (the video didn’t give much info the location of the footage). Also to be clear, this is a mountain lion, not a bobcat. But there have been mountain lions sighted in our state, so it’s worth noting that this is technically possible.

But the overall message is really more about being aware and responsible as nature is waking up from its winter-long slumber. Don’t be afraid, be informed. And try to keep the deer away from your front door. No one wants their porch to become a big cat’s dinner plate.

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