If you know anything about robots, you know that at least some people believe they will one day rule the world. Whether it’s in the form of human/robot cyborgs or super-intelligent Watson-esque beings that can outwit any human, it’s not hard to imagine a future under robot rule.

But the question that most weighs on most of us is not the if or the when, but the how. Will robots rise to power in traditional means like elections or leadership positions? Will their revolution be a violent one? Will it be some combination of the two?

There’s really no way of knowing, but if this video is any evidence, whatever path the robots choose, it will be a precise one.

If you’ve ever been on the video, you’re familiar with the Five Finger Filet game. Often, it is done safely with a pen or pencil, where the worst case scenario is a small cut and some ink on your hand. Sometime, brave/stupid people do it with scissors. This guy went the full monty – he used a real knife, and he let a robot take the handle and give it a go.

I honestly don’t know how someone could trust a robot to pull this off. Sure, the programming and design could be perfect. Sure, you could have used a mannequin hand to test it out and see that it’s safe. But who is to say that the one time you put your real hand on the line isn’t the time it malfunctions? Scarier still, who is to say that the robot is plotting your demise, lulling you into a false sense of security, and plotting for your hand to become the first blood drawn in a violent robot revolution?

There’s simply no way of knowing, and I’m not in love with the idea of robotics nerds out there tempting fate and maybe giving our future robot overlords their first taste of human suffering.

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