We totally get you.  Living in Connecticut is super stressful and takes a toll on our mental health sometimes.  However, a new place to laugh yourself into a tizzy just opened up shop in CT!  So you should definitely check out Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory Comedy Club.

The club plans its fantastic ribbon cutting ceremony today in Bridgeport.  Yes, things are definitely on the up and up for the state’s largest city.  First the amphitheater and now this!  The Stress Factory Comedy Club took over the old Polka Dot Playhouse, if you wanted to know exactly where to find it.

Mayor Joe Ganim praised the new addition to the city’s entertainment scene.  In his state of the city address, he remarked:

“While a number of major businesses have announced that they are leaving the state, here in Bridgeport others are moving in and bringing with them millions of dollars in investments and jobs.”

So, I think this new club officially marks the start of Bridgeport’s renaissance.   And, honestly, everyone wins in this scenario.   CT  scored another major mover and shaker in the entertainment industry.

Mostly because the Stress Factory aims to bring the biggest and baddest names in comedy to the state.  For example: their official opening show will be the legendary Jim Breuer.  There’s a reason he’s on Comedy Central’s “100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time” list.

Just a heads up, ask him about his AC/DC Brian Johnson impression.  Honestly, it’s amazing.

However, this is just a fraction of the Stress Factory’s already announced lineup.  Seriously, if CT life has got you 50 shades of stressed out, then you know where to go.  Make this place your weekend sanctuary.

Honestly, it might just actually become your new favorite place.

Doctors and therapists agree that laughter is the best medicine.   And The Stress Factory aims to have you keep coming back for more needed laughs.

So, make sure you like The Stress Factory on Facebook to keep up to date with all their announcements.  You’ll never know what big name they’ll add next to their already fabulous lineup.  Beyond Breuer, the club also welcomes Gary Owen from “The Gary Owen Show” the following weekend, and Andrew Dice Clay from Showtime’s “Dice” the next.

The Stress Factory is a pretty neat little club, too.  It first started out a little over 20 years ago as a little club in New Jersey.  But, it soon became the premier place to see major comedians.

So cool to see this business expand and select CT as its second location.

Which show are you most excited to see in the future?


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