Usually when you’re in the act, you’re all sweaty and presumably moving around.  But thanks to a drug store (yes, a drug store) in England, you can now have sex to a 23 minute soundtrack that will help you burn calories while you do the deed.

That’s right.  They have created a 23 minute mix that uses BPM counts to tell you when to speed up (no pun intended) and when to slow down (ohhhh yeah).  So what does this 23 minute mix score you? Well, you can burn between 70 and 100 calories.

That’s it?

Yep, that’s it.

First you’d have to find a man that could last 23-minutes though- so good luck with that.

Here’s the song:


It sounds like terrible elevator music.  But imagining the act while the beats flounder all of the place was quite entertaining.  It must be awkward to wear running sneakers while you’re banging.  Meanwhile, I always thought this was the song that you worked out to during sex:

Source: Purple Revolver

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