I have two magical words for you — free bagels.

Curious? After all, everyone likes free stuff, right? Here’s how you get it.

To celebrate its’ 35th birthday, Brueggers is giving away not one, not two, but three bagels to any customer who registers and agrees to receive emails from the chain. But, before you get excited, let me give you this disclaimer: while the three bagels are free, you still have to pay for any cream cheese spread that you get.

But, still free bagels.

And, if you’ve ever had bagels from Brueggers, let me tell you this. Those bagels are delicious and really fresh– they are always freshly baked and warm. If you haven’t had them, today might be the day to give them a try. They have a huge variety of bagels — from classics such as plain and everything, to speciality bagels such as cinnamon sugar, asiago parmesan and pumpernickel.

But if you’re already subscribed to the email address, you too can get access to this deal. All you have to do is check your inbox for an email, and follow the instructions in it. Pretty easy.

And, for the skeptical ones out there, let me tell you — it really works. I went to the Brueggers in Orange this morning, and yes, I left with three delicious bagels.

I will warn you — I had a little trouble opening the coupon code as did a few others in line with me. But, the Breuggers staff I already knew about the error, and were able to accomodate with the problem with ease.

With nine different Connecticut locations — in New Haven, Shelton, Orange, Trumbull, Wallingford, West Hartford, Glastonbury, Storrs,and Avon — you can easily get your hands on a few bagels today. The only hard part is deciding which three you want to get.

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