Pining over an ex and want to drown yourself in a pile of delicious wings from Hooters?  Well, you’re in luck because Hooters will let you do just that for Valentine’s Day.  For free!

Love sucks, we know.  Breakups suck even harder.  But, revenge is sweet… and maybe a little bit spicy, too.

FOX News reports that if you bring a photo of your ex and shred it at Hooters, they’ll reward you with free wings.  So, here’s hoping you didn’t burn all your ex’s belongings.  But, then again, no one will judge you if you resort to a bit of Facebook stalking when free food is on the line.

Just a sidenote, this deal only applies to their boneless wings.  I know, such a bummer.  But, free food is better than no free food, right?

So, head to Hooters on Valentine’s Day with a photo of your ex in tow.  Once you sit down, shred it in front of your server, and she’ll hook you up with their delicious boneless wings.

Offer only valid one per person, too. But you already knew that.  Right?

But, if eating alone doesn’t tickle your fancy, feel free to head to the Hooters website.  Shred a photo of your ex on there and they’ll send you a coupon for a pickup order.

Plus, they’ll give you creative options on what else to do with the photos, such as burying them or darting them.  Sorry, I just found that EXTREMELY amusing.  Hooters gets us.

So, that’s all you have to do.  And, yes, it’s a one day only deal.  Don’t try cashing in on February 15th after your girl dumped you because you flaked on buying her a nice gift.  Because you’ll be brokenhearted AND wingless.

So, why are they offering this deal?  Well,  Hooters hopes this exchanging of free food for shredded pictures inspires people to move on…. by giving them the “most satisfying method of disposal.” Wow, that’s very poetic.

But, this begs the question, would you actually spend the most romantic day of the year at a certified breastaurant?

Wait, why am I even asking this?  Go feast on your free wings, my friends.  Let the healing begin!


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