The summer season is here and with it will come more travel, more miles on your car, and more money spent at the gas station.

Such is the natural, unquestioned order of things. As temperatures rise, so do gas prices. It sucks and we all hate it, but we can’t do anything in Connecticut without our cars, so naturally we swallow the pill.

But according to a new study from GasBuddy, that pill might not be so hard to swallow if you’re a little savvy about when you fill the tank. Apparently, if you’re filling on days like Thursday or Saturday, you’re a sucker. That’s because on those days, prices happen to be higher due to increased demand or decreased supply as the week comes to a close.

So when should you fill up? According to the study, in Connecticut Monday is the ticket.

Get a load of this: Apparently, if everyone in the United States filled up on Thursday instead of Monday, we’d collectively spend an extra $1.1 billion more than we had to.

So sure, filling up your tank over the weekend when you have nothing better to do is way more convenient. But how much is that convenience worth? Because if it’s worth an extra few hundred bucks over the course of the year, then have it. But if you’re like me and wouldn’t mind a few extra Benjamins in the bank, drive on fumes for the extra day or two and hit the pumps on Monday like an “educated consumer.”

(via New Haven Register)

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