Be still my heart.  My time has come.  Finally, I can help a gorgeous owl in need of a name.

But, it’s cool if you help out, too.

So, Darien Times says Darien Nature Center needs help naming their brand new screech owl.  Their newest addition came from the Delaware Valley Raptor Center in Milford, PA.

Due to a vision impairment, this poor baby can’t go return the wild.  The little guy’s been in rehab for about four months before they made the call.

Unfortunately, no one knows how old the owl is or if it’s a male or female.  It’s because it’s incredibly hard to figure out the sex and age of owls.

I know.  You learn something new every day.  And today, you learned that it’s impossible to sex and/or age an owl.

Which means we get to go crazy with our name suggestions!  If you must know, the center’s other screech owl is named Blinken.

Apparently, Blinken and his new unnamed buddy became fast friends.

So, between now and August 5th, I want you to send any and all name suggestions to Darien Nature Center.  Hoo-ever creates the winning name gets hooked up with a sweet prize.

So, click on the Facebook photo below to enter!  Good luck!


ISN’T IT ADORABLE?  I can feel my heart punching itself to feel manly again.  I mean, look at those eyes!  They’re wide, adorable… and probably useless.  I know, such a sad thing to know.

Have fun naming the owl!  Let me know if your suggestion wins.  But, I think it’ll be hard to top my suggestion: “Hoodini.”

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