Well… Maybe “steal” isn’t the right word, but considering the original asking price on this gem was $30  million dollars, the reduced asking price of $14.8 million seems like a steal.  Less than half off! That’s a deal, right?!  The home that Katharine Hepburn occupied  until her death in 2003 (and has been referred to as “paradise”) is available for sale.  It’s located at 10 Mohegan Avenue, Old Saybrook, Connecticut- The Fenwick section.  Even though it has dipped in price, it’s been completely renovated.

Let’s be honest- 99.9% of us will never, ever be able to afford this home.  Hell, I don’t even think I could handle the yearly taxes- but it sure is fun to see how beautiful the estate has become since it’s been renovated…

Enjoy the video!  (And remember, all you need is a dollar and a dream!)



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