A Portal has opened up in Stamford, where you can talk with anyone in any country, continent, or even hemisphere!

From the outside, Portal looks like a gold cargo container. Inside is a minimalist set-up, comprised of a wall-sized screen on one end of the container, a light to illuminate people standing inside, a camera, and walls covered from top to bottom with dark gray carpeting, to block out light and sounds. Think like a sound stage, but instead of a movie, a full bodied hologram of someone will be on the screen in front of you!

It just opened up today, with connections to Puerto Rico and Nigeria, and the plan is to add more countries to the list. The Stamford Portal will connect to the entire Portals network, of roughly 42 locations, including sites in Afghanistan, Honduras, Iraq, Jordan, Germany, Rwanda, and Mexico.

The future is here. It’s FaceTime, but so so SO much cooler!

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