Calling all midnight tokers who still dream that CT will legalize your kush one day.  Tomorrow, the General Law Committee will hold a public meeting about weed legalization.

Hartford Courant reports that the bill (No. 5458) would allow the retail sale of MJ to those 21 or older.  Also, it would let customers buy from a retailer and/or a “marijuana lounge.”

What is a lounge, you ask?  Basically, it’s like those cafes in Amsterdam.  These areas allow you to buy and smoke your weed on-site.  Might actually become a new place to make friends, too.  And for those entrepreneurs needing a new startup… I found your next gig.

Plus, the bill would allow those 21 and older to grow up to six plants of their own.  Obviously that will inspire a good deal of new botanists or spruce up your local farmer’s market.

However, this can only happen if you raise your voice tomorrow.  You know very well our own Governor consistently disparages weed legalization despite the fact the state needs a new source of revenue.  Malloy seems like he’d rather dry hump Jeff Bezos than give weed the green light.  That’s because many people claim our liquor industry keeps him in their back pocket.

Which makes sense.

But we know tolls won’t work and neither will raising the gas tax… or any tax for the matter.  Connecticut residents are tapped out and tired of constantly paying up.

But, year after year, our lawmakers engaged in the ritual known as insanity… as in doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.  They raise taxes, spend more, and then blame us for the state’s fiscal problems.

It’s now arrived to the point where an overwhelming majority of CT began screaming, “Enough!  Legalize the damn plant already!”

Naturally, our politicians perennial case of cranial rectitis prevented them from hearing the cries of their constituents.  Which, sadly, only fed the increasing exodus.

But, I digress.

Study after study consistently pointed out that legalizing weed would add much needed revenue to our cash-strapped state.  The most conservative report says cannabis would annually bring $180 million into the state.

Also, don’t ignore the tens of thousands of jobs legalization would create.  Hey, someone needs to run those lounges!

Also, legalizing weed would take a huge dent out of our prison population, which does cost us a lot of money.  Providing a person busted for carrying a small amount of MJ with 3 hot meals a day, plumbing, shelter, and heat is pretty costly.

However, all it took was a helpful nudge from our neighbors who beat us to the punch.  Already, our neighbors up north started gloating about all the green they’re gonna see.  Yes, pun intended.

And the last thing our lawmakers want to do is help Massachusetts’ economy.  They already took GE from us, the last thing our greedy politicians want to give them is our tax dollars.  Which, obviously, they will make in abundance if CT doesn’t step up.

So, if you want to take a hit on drug dealers and legalize marijuana, show up at 10am at Room 310 at the Capitol. 

For more information and directions, check out the Facebook group dedicated to spreading the word.  Also, check out THIS POST to make sure you have everything you need to light our lawmakers up.

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