Calling all snow, skiing, and snowboarding buffs! Warren Miller Entertainment’s 68th full-length feature film “Line of Descent” will be shown at four Connecticut locations. Follow 20 plus snowboarders and skiers as they ride down slopes around North America and talk about their passion for the sport and favorite spots.

Two of the featured “powsurfers” are Neil and Ian Provo, two brothers from New Hartford. The film documents them as they powsurf – another form of snowboarding that involves modified snowboard without bindings – down the snow-covered hills of British Columbia.

If you are a Warren Miller fan, winter sport fan, or both, you should definitely check out “Line of Descent” when it comes to The Bushnell (Nov. 3), the Palace Theatre (Nov. 10), the Mohawk Mountain Lodge (Nov. 10 & 11), and the Old Lyme High School Auditorium (Dec. 7). For more information or to purchase tickets, click here. Also, check out the trailer for the film below.

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