With only a few weeks of baseball left the inaugural season of Dunkin’ Donuts Park has been a wild success for the Yard Goats and their fans. Over twenty sellouts, exciting games, an electric buzz in Downtown Hartford that the city has been itching for since that beloved hockey team left. But even with all of that, there is nothing from  this season that was more exciting than what took place on the field Thursday night.

Immediately following the Yard Goats win a man named David “The Bullet” Smith Jr. climbed into a giant cannon and treated the crowd to this…


The human Canonball!! @hartfordyardgoats

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Some will say it’s “fake” or “trickery”. Those people are wrong. This was as real as a human cannonball can get. I actually saw it with my own eyes! Watching from my apartment window in Hartford. It was amazing. The hype man, crowd counting down, the sound the cannon actually made, and The Bullet sticking the landing like true Human Cannonball Olympian. Great theater.

It will be hard for the Yard Goats to top this over the next few weeks of the season, but you never know!


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