Sometimes the most entertaining moments in baseball game come from the coaching side of the dugout. It happens at all levels of the sport but minor league baseball games are where the real gold happens.

Lucky for us this latest epic tirade happened with our very own Bridgeport Bluefish!

During an away game against the Somerset Patriots, Bridgeport Bluefish manager Luis Rodriguez was ejected by the ump after an questioning (“questioning” might be the understatement of the year) about if a runner left third early on a sac fly.

Luis then decided it would be a good idea to return and continue to argue claiming the umpire kicked his hat. That’s a bold move, Luis. Completely flipping the script on the ump and blaming HIM for being in the wrong! Then pretending to toss HIM out of the game. I love it.

Baseball season is the best.



Sneaky best part of this whole thing by the way? The person controlling the in-game music for the Somerset Patriots at TD Bank Park for playing a fantastic music/movie quote montage which included Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry, Tom Hanks’ famous “there’s no crying in baseball” quote from A League of Their Own, and Greed Day – Basket Case while Rodriguez is losing his mind. You win Somerset DJ. Well played.


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