It goes without saying that our local police are heroes. And it’s not just because they have serious game when it comes to animal puns. No, they’re also heroes because they regularly put their lives in danger so that we can feel safe and protected every day.

And if anyone ever asks you for an example of that, Connecticut State Trooper First Class Aaron Mathew just gave you all the evidence you’ll ever need.

On February 24, a man had parked his car on the shoulder of the Q Bridge in New Haven, left it there, and climbed over the safety wall and onto the edge of the bridge. He was standing there when Mathew and his fellow first responders arrived.

As the video below shows, when the man turned his back to Mathew, our hero takes off running. He jumps the barrier, grabs the man, and holds on tight as other first responders rush to his aid. He told FOX 61, “I ran over, I jumped over the rail and I grabbed him. As soon as I put hands on him a moment later I felt somebody grab me, it was my guys.”

Just watch this incredible instinct-reaction combination from Mathew and other responders:

Mathew’s actions took guts, but it also took an immense amount of trust in his fellow officers and first responders. If they don’t grab him, there’s no barrier stopping him and the man he saved from tumbling off the bridge.

If you think that’s gutsy, get this: According to the video posted on the Connecticut State Police – Troop G Facebook page, Mathew is set to be a first-time father any day now.

So not only did Mathew risk his life to save another. Not only did he put himself in harms way and trust his friends would have his back. He did all of that knowing that he is about to become a dad for the first time.

I can’t speak for why Mathew responded the way he did. Only he knows. But I like to think that it’s because he doesn’t want his soon-to-be-newborn child growing up in a world where we can’t count on our police to protect us. So he made sure that we can.

If that isn’t a hero, I don’t know what is. Give this guy a medal already.

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