It should go without saying that dogs are the best. They’re loyal, loving, cuddly, playful, and so many other things that make them “man’s best friend.” But here’s the thing that gets them into trouble: So many dogs are too smart for their own good.

Dogs are smart enough to learn words. Dogs are smart enough to learn different languages. Dogs are smart enough to perform all kinds of tricks and commands. In fact, dogs are so smart that they are literally relied upon by disabled people everywhere for basic functions like sight, hearing, and assistance in emergency situations.

But those brains can go wrong. A smart dog can find his way into kitchen cabinets where dangerous appliances are stored. A smart dog can knock over the cookie jar and eat the chocolate cookies inside (note: chocolate can kill dogs). And, in the case of today’s story, a smart dog can literally open doors, escape his home or shelter, and run away into the dangerous world.

The smart dog in that video is a 10-year-old Great Pyrenees named General. Apparently, he knows how to open doors. So while he was staying at the local animal hospital while his family was on vacation, he decided to take a little trip of his own. Unfortunately, that sent the animal hospital and his family into a panic.

Thankfully, General was located and returned home. But his little escapade serves as a reminder that our furry friends have minds of their own sometimes. My own dog has opened the wrong cabinet or eaten the wrong thing or jumped the fence to freedom on a number of occasions. And as funny as it is in hindsight, it’s definitely scary in the moment.

So do your part as a good dog owner. Don’t scold your pup for being a smart dog, just shape the world around him so that he uses his brain for good more often than he uses it for trouble. If you do that, then – just like General – your pup will be happy and safe at home!

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