If you were one of the millions of people like me who were enthralled with the Shiba Cam and all the other animal cams out there you will love the Falcon Cam!

Peregrine falcons have called a window ledge at Monarch Place in Springfield, MA home since 1989. In order to safeguard the birds and their little ones a permanent nesting box was installed and the falcons have been hatching offspring ever since. There is also a video camera livestreaming the whole thing. Watch for the adorable falcon keeping its eggs warm but stay for the cheesy 80s soundtrack.

Here are some Fun Falcon Facts from NatGeo:

-They live up to 17 years
-They can weigh over 56lbs
-Peregrine means “wanderer”
-These falcons hunts from above and can reach 200mph when in a dive
-They love their nesting sites with some being used for generations

You can watch the Falcon Cam here. Just keep an eye out for the boss.



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