If you drive around Fairfield County regularly, the amount of sprawling mansions you’ll see is enough to make you dizzy. It’s actually fascinating to do on some afternoon that you’re bored. You will feel yourself getting mad, impressed, excited, and then motivated to work harder so you can one day live in a castle-sized home.

There always seems to be a few of these massive homes on the market for the taking at all times. It’s no coincidence that the most expensive home for sale in Greenwich, Connecticut currently, is also the largest.

It has its own polo field?! Come on, when would you ever use that?! “Hey guys, you wanna come over this weekend and play some polo? Yeah, the field’s open in the backyard. I’ll grab some beers.”

I would never leave this house if I lived there. Everyone would come to me. Always.

If you like what you see in this video tour you can have it for a cool $65 million. Or you can just drool over it during your next afternoon drive through Greenwich like the rest of us.

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