March Madness started off kind of lame with the first few rounds of the NCAA Men’s Tournament this year. Not much “Madness” seemed to be happening. Lots of blowouts, boring games, a few exciting gems here and there.

That was the case until the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight went down at least. There was no shortage of madness going on since the Sweet Sixteen. Capped off by Sunday night’s insane ending to the UNC/Kentucky game.

With any heartbreaking loss like this you always get the extremely entertaining fan reaction videos that flood the internet. Obviously the videos from the losing side are comedy gold as long as you’re not one of those fans. In this case it was the poor Wildcats of Kentucky. Here are two of the best reactions of the 30 second emotional roller coaster.

Sorry Wildcats.

Luckily here in Connecticut on the women’s side of the NCAA Tournament we don’t seem to have these problems. The Huskies will play for their 111th straight win and a trip to another Final Four at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport tonight.

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