A few weeks ago, the video below went viral, even though it went viral just a bit too early. Today is the day we need to look back on Nirvana’s first, and only, Connecticut concert – two days after the release of Nevermind, and it was 25 years ago today…

A pre-fame Nirvana at New Haven’s former club The Moon. And someone got it on film!!

Before cell phones and Facebook Live, the very fact that someone actually captured this is simply amazing. And this recording, with surprisingly great audio, is of almost their entire set – it sadly cuts out after about 45 minutes, but the rest of the audio is there…and remember that this was still three days prior to the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video debuting on MTV’s “120 Minutes” – so just imagine being in that club that night, experiencing music history first hand:

Sadly, the Moon is no longer on Whalley Avenue (it’s since been replaced by apartments) but thanks to the Internet, we’ll have this for all time.

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