First we needed to worry about Zika.  Now it’s tick gangs.  Wonderful.

Veterinarians are warning pet owners to keep a closer eye on the fur babies.  An invasive tick species has finally hitchhiked its way from Texas to New England and it poses a huge threat to our animals.

They’re called Lone Star ticks and, while they don’t carry Lyme Disease, they do carry spotted fever and a white blood cell infection that is very dangerous for pets.

That’s not all.

They are known for attacking animals in swarms because they’re much faster and have way better vision than our average tick.

No, get those images from The Mummy out of your head.  We’d tell you if it was that bad.

Right now, they’re becoming a problem for our neighboring state, Massachusetts, which means it’s probably only a matter of time before we start seeing warnings pop up in our neck of the woods.

The MSPCA is advising us to treat our outdoor pets with tick preventatives like Frontline or Advantix and keep our kitties inside as much as possible during tick season.

Also, they told us what we know all too well, stick to well-worn paths during walks and keep the yard clear of brush and leaves that double as luxurious hotels for these nasty little bloodsuckers.

Time for a tick check, everyone!

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