Hold onto your debit cards.  Connecticut State Police are warning us about a new card reader in town that’s a little harder to detect.

So how does the snazzy new technology work?   NBC Connecticut explains that, instead of installing the actual skimmer where you insert your card, it’s hidden behind the gas pump and operated using Bluetooth technology.

About twelve communities say those fancy schmancy skimmers have turned up at their gas stations.

Don’t these thieves know we save ourselves a whopping ten cents per gallon if we use cash?  Out of all the states to target, they had to pick the one that encourages using paper money.

Security has been beefed up to meet this new threat and police hope to nip the problem in the bud.  They’re combing the state’s nearly 2,000 gas stations and gas attendants have enacted new policies to make sure crooks don’t tamper with their pumps.

As always, if you’re worried about card skimmers or saving yourself a couple of dimes, just use legal tender.

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