By now, we are all familiar with Buzzfeed. It has silly lists. It has mostly useless but occasionally entertaining quizzes. And, believe it or not, it actually has a news division.

But they also make videos. And the latest Buzzfeed video I’ve seen is pretty out there. The premise? A regular guy who works for Buzzfeed finds a real life bounty hunter. Then, he gets the bounty hunter to chase him.

On its face, this is a pretty cool idea. Pit a trained, professional man hunter against a regular joe with no experience running from law enforcement and see what happens. Can an average person survive while on the lam?

Then, very quickly, the video turns to the absurd. Just take a look:

This video really only works if there is drama. The bounty hunter gets close but misses at the last second. The regular-guy-fugitive realizes the bounty hunter’s strategy and uses that insight to evade capture. The two have a final showdown and someone comes out on top.

Unfortunately, all potential drama this video had sizzled out very, very quickly. I’m fine with the guy shaving his head and beard. The transformation was pretty funny. I’m even cool with the muscle shirt, although I honestly don’t think he looked that different.

But then the whole thing just goes completely off the rails. The regular joe uses his one hour head start to leave his apartment, hit the subway, use an untraceable Lyft driver, and literally leaves town. Like, he fled to another part of the state and spent most of the allotted “hunt time” in some random makeup artist’s garage.

No offense, but even the best bounty hunter in the world isn’t going to crack that case in a matter of hours. Add in the fact that regular joe was sending these terrible clues and it just all feels super forced.

Now, it’s super easy for me to sit back and just criticize this guy from a distance. It’s not like I’m going out to make a better version of this video. But here’s my suggestion: Same concept, only the person who is supposed to be the fugitive doesn’t find out until the last moment possible.

So next time Buzzfeed wants to make a manhunt video, just get an employee to agree to be part of a “secret project.” Then, an hour before the bounty hunter starts chasing them, tell them what the deal is and let them make a run for it. They won’t be prepared, they’ll have to think on their feet, and there will be a higher chance for a fugitive-bounty hunter encounter and all the drama that comes with it.

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