And everything under the sun is in tune / But the sun is eclipsed by the moon

Despite the fact that we’ll only see about 65% of it, (and assuming the weather cooperates) Connecticut, like the rest of the country, has gone eclipse crazy. People are throwing parties and buying special glasses all so they can see the totality at 2:45pm on Monday.

And we’ve found the perfect soundtrack for your eclipse viewing party!

When Pink Floyd went on tour to support their album “Dark Side of the Moon,” in between stops at Radio City Music Hall and the Providence Civic Center, on March 18, 1973 they came through Connecticut and played the Palace Theater in Waterbury where they played the new album in its entirety. And someone actually recorded it, saved it, and uploaded to YouTube! (skip ahead to 57:44 for all your “Dark Side” enjoyment):

The audio quality isn’t great, as are most bootlegs from 1973, but if you’re a lunatic for Pink Floyd, hearing it live is super amazing.

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