It’s not The Real Housewives. It’s not The Stepford Wives. It’s called American Housewife.

American Housewife is a new comedy on ABC about, you guessed it, a housewife in America. But it’s not just any part of America. It’s right here in Connecticut! Westport specifically. Judging by the looks of the trailer for the show that just came out this week it seems that Westport will play as much of a character in the show as the main character Katie Otto.


I gotta admit, that pizza line at the end is a winner.

Unlike many TV shows and movies based on Connecticut, this one might actually have a shot. Mostly because it looks to have a snarky edge to it. Also, anyone else in America who is not a resident of Westport will find the jabs at the town hilarious. Whether they are true or not.

Image Credit: ABC Television

BONUS: Any time we can get a former actor from The Drew Carey Show (Oswald!) back on TV it’s a win.

We will find out in a few months what the ultimate fate of American Housewife will be. Will it survive till Christmas or will it become the next ‘Modern Family’ style smash hit for ABC? Either way, people in Westport will be talking that’s for sure.

American Housewife premieres this fall on ABC. Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m.

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