The following is a true story, that happened 26 years ago at the Hartford Civic Center…

It’s Thanksgiving of 1990. For months, the (then) WWF set up an enormous egg at every live event and TV taping teasing this egg hatch at their Thanksgiving night pay-per-view event “Survivor Series” here in Hartford! “Survivor Series” arrived, and from the egg hatched…a costumed turkey. And this was not just any turkey…this was the “Gobbledy Gooker.”


Now you have to remember, this is actually happening on Thanksgiving night, live on pay-per-view! Connecticut residents paid actual money to be at this event instead of spending time with their families on their day off!

The Gobbledy Gooker danced around, and the announcers and commentators tried to treat it with some dignity, but the audience present at the Hartford Civic Center booed – and booed mercilessly. And then the Gobbledy Gooker left…and wasn’t spoken of again for more than ten years.

It was a failure, and everyone knew it instantly. But with time, senses of humor return, and Stamford’s own WWE now acknowledges how completely unfunny it was at the time, but they now have fun with it. We can laugh about it 26 years later (unless you actually spent your hard-earned money on a ticket for that evening), as the WWE has actually brought him out more than a few times for laughs.

BTW, this very same event also had the very first appearance of the Undertaker. Funnily enough, the Hartford Civic Center crowd didn’t really care for him at the time either.

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