Most people who play golf go their entire lives without experiencing the joy and excitement of hitting a hole-in-one. It’s one of the most rare things a human can do.

Which is why I have now watched this video of 11-year-old Taylor Crozier about 900 times now.




So if you’re keeping score at home not only did Taylor get a hole-in-one he did it…

  1. In front of Tiger Woods
  2. On a new golf course Tiger created.
  3. On his first try.
  4. On the first shot ever taken on this new Tiger golf course.
  5. before he can even drive a car legally.
  6. Before you (unless you’ve hit a hole-in-one. Then I apologize)

We need to get this kid to the Traveler’s Championship this year!

In the meantime if anyone needs me I will be out practicing my golf game every hour of the day forever.


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