Laura Martancik, a single mom originally from Meriden, moved out to Hawaii a while back because why wouldn’t you move to Hawaii. Recently, she was forced back to Connecticut to undergo her second battle with cancer at Yale Cancer Center. She’s been battling Hogdkin’s lymphoma since her diagnosis in July 2013. After undergoing standard chemotherapy and radiation treatments, she went into remission for about 3 months but then the cancer returned last September.

She and her two-year-old son moved back to stay with her sister while she underwent a new treatment regimen and stem cell transplant at Yale. Since the treatment was so intensive, she had to stay at the hospital for a grueling three weeks. Finally, she was able to return to her sister’s house and be reunited with her son. Her sister captured the whole thing and it’s precious. After the little boy runs into her arms she tells him “Mommy always comes back.” Excuse while I go cry forever.



Anyone looking to make a donation to help Martancik’s treatments, check out her GoFundMe page here.

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