Grandparents are the best. They give you great gifts. They share their wisdom with you and teach you how to be an adult. They let you eat things your parents won’t let you eat. And they love you with all their heart.

But the little secret about grandparents is that they’ve also got skills that you don’t know about. Some of them have eyes in the backs of their heads. Some of them can cook food that will make even your favorite restaurant’s food taste like garbage. And some of them can just straight ball.

You see that? You see that grandma just draining hoop after hoop? That’s no fluke. That’s a woman who spent her days on the basketball court honing her craft and just waiting for the day that someone steps to her and questions her ability to throw down. Even to this day, she keeps her skills sharp. Because sure, she’ll make you a delicious pie and tell you about the olden days, but if you ever cross her, she’ll bust out a spin move and dunk in your face.

So the next time you think about questioning your grandma’s game, do yourself a favor and think again. Because after decades of life on this planet, she’s got skills you couldn’t even dream of, and she won’t hesitate to use them.

(via MarkHoppusJr on /r/videos)

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