Apparently no one told this random groundhog that he’s not supposed to be an actual animal on Groundhog Day.  Because we live in a nation that yearly allows a wild animal to predict whether or not it will be cold for an additional six weeks, it may come to a surprise to folks that a wild animal bit a mayor while he was “whispering” the results.

Good.  Animals aren’t psychics.  And if you put your ear next to it’s mouth, guess what? It’ll bite you.

Jimmy the Groundhog proves that when he bit the mayor of Sun Prairie, Jonathon Freund.  Watch it here.  Clearly groundhogs don’t like politicians… and no one will blame Jimmy.

So did he predict another six weeks of winter?  We don’t know or care because he’s a groundhog and actually has no idea.  The best part about this 16 second video is the how mayor has an attitude afterwards.  You’re the one that agreed to this, fool.

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