A note up top: The skier we’re about to make fun of is fine. We tracked this thing back to a local news story from 9 News in Australia, and the skier told them that she was “sore” but didn’t break anything.

Now, let’s talk about this video. There are all kinds of skiing wipeouts. There’s the truly dangerous wipeouts near cliffs or in the woods (seriously, hitting a tree is bad news). There’s the clumsy ones where you’re just not paying attention, cross skis, and take a tumble. There’s the lazy ones where your legs get too tired and you just slide to your butt to take a break. And then there’s these: Wipeouts that you didn’t expect, that happen quickly, and that are captured on video to be cherished forever and ever.

I’ve been skiing my whole life and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better spill. You can see right away that her weight is too far forward. She’s ahead of her skis to the point where, when she makes contact, her body can’t do anything but get launched forward. Her bindings pop loose and her momentum does the rest, creating one of the most spectacular snow cartwheels I think humanity has ever seen. And the fact that her ski chases her down the mountain to get in one last lick is the icing on the cake.

I’m glad to hear that the woman is doing alright and that no serious injuries came out of this, but damn if I’m not even more glad her friends were rolling video on the thing.

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