There has been a lot of talk about autonomous cars lately. It seems like self driving robotic cars will actually come into existence in our lifetime which is crazy to think about.

Even crazier than that though? Autonomous aircraft.

Leave it to the amazing minds over at Sikorsky here in Connecticut to develop a Sikorsky S-76 commercial helicopter that actually took off and flew autonomously from Sikorsky headquarters in Stratford to Robertson Airport in Plainville, CT. The entire flight was about 30 miles and all controlled by an operator using a tablet. Yes the same type of tablet you use to play Angry Birds and take selfies just executed a successful 30 mile helicopter flight.

The technology used to make this happen called “ALIAS”  was developed to reduce pilot workload,  improve mission capabilities and enhance aircraft safety and reliability.

The video of the flight is pretty amazing to watch. The future is now. Welcome to it.


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