I’m terrified of the ocean. It’s dark, mysterious, and largely unexplored despite covering more than two-thirds of the planet. And yet somehow, it feels like 90% of the videos we see of ocean life are ruthless, violent interactions between animals that will stop at nothing to survive.

There’s Orca whales teaming up to create waves and knock a seal off a patch of ice. There’s sharks eating other sharks just because there’s blood in the water. And now, there’s this: Two seemingly innocent squids going after each other because a baited hook came between them:

Now, this kind of thing won’t stop me from going in the water at the beach. I know that the ocean is largely safe and animals by and large mean us no harm. And let’s face it, the shallows at the beach aren’t the deep, dark sea.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not afraid. Just look at what happened there? A squid was simply trying to get some food, and he was getting it in a life-threatening way (from a fisherman’s hook) no less! And still, even as squid #1 risked its life for some grub, squid #2 was still willing to fight him over it. That’s cold-blooded.

And if that kind of behavior is indicate of life in the ocean, I want no part of it. I don’t want to strap on a snorkel or SCUBA gear and put myself in the same arena as animals who are willing to tear apart their own kind for the smallest morsel. That’s on a whole other level that I’m just not prepared for, especially when I’m not in my element.

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