Fidelco is warning dog owners across the state to keep an eye out for a nasty new respiratory infection.  An outbreak was reported at a large kennel in Windsor.

Sadly, it has claimed the life of at least one dog from the kennel.  The rest of the animals are being treated at animal hospitals in Middletown and Windsor.

Health officials are trying to identify this new infection.  Tests have come back negative for dog influenza and other results are pending.

The name of the kennel and the exact amount of dogs in quarantine remain unknown. However, dog owners can breathe a sigh of relief because the outbreak appears to be an isolated one.

No other cases have been reported in the state.

Still, health officials are urging the public to remain cautious.  A vet speaking to NBC Connecticut advised all dog owners, especially those who use kennels or doggy day cares, to watch out for these symptoms: coughing, wheezing, running nose, blood in cough or stool, and weepy eye.   Owners of senior pets should be extra vigilant.

If your dog starts exhibiting any of the above symptoms, call a vet immediately.

Here’s the official statement from Fidelco:

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