I gotta say, I enjoy eating very much.  Actually, I would go as far as to say that it’s my favorite thing… ever.  What I don’t understand is why people watch television shows that show OTHER people eating.

“Oh yeah, that fried mozzarella, chicken nugget sandwich looks amazing… Take another bite of it for me…”

Nah, thanks.  I’d rather go eat something myself.  BUT, there is an exception and that’s watching our own Connecticut YouTube sensation Daym Drops.  He’s done stuff with Food Network, Travel Channel- but it’s his YouTube videos that has shot him to food stardom.  He is hilarious and his commentary on food is actually something that you want to watch (instead of eat).  Because he’s local, he does a ton of stuff here in Connecticut- and that includes reviews of food festivals.  This time he tries one of my favorite food trucks, Lobster Craft! What does he have to say about something I’ve enjoyed so many times?  Well, watch and find out:



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