Connecticut’s drought is stronger than ever.  Despite that healthy serving of rain not too long ago, it wasn’t enough to make a dent.

Turns out, water companies are bracing for the worst and are issuing warnings to their consumers.  Now, they are advising residents to cut their water consumption by 20 percent.  The previous recommendation was 15 percent.

I received a flyer from Aquarion Water Company that came across as just a little worrying.  I mean, there definitely was an attempt at sugar coating since people nowadays love a good scare.  In short: conservation efforts aren’t enough and with a worsening drought, supplies are starting to get tight.

Aquarion isn’t the only company to warn its customers that times are getting tough.  The Hartford Courant reports that Metropolitan District issued its own drought advisory, which is a first in company history.   MDC also announced it’s sending water to neighboring municipalities that are struggling with their water reservoirs.

It’s been about a year since we’ve seen significant rainfall.  What’s worse is that 90 percent of the state is in extreme or severe drought.

Additional conservation measures may be issued state-wide should the dry weather persist.

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